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This journal is FRIENDS ONLY :] Comment if you wish to be added, or else your request will be ignored. & G-SUN ♥

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Lmao. I love you so much!
Thanks for pimpin' my lj! <3

Of course!
Faye and Spike are <3

mind if i add you?
can you please add me back? ^^

Can I friend you so I can read your fix please ?
Thank you :)

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Lol! Jenna bb~ I didn't know you have a new journal. xDDD
I'll add you~ Oh, what about your old one? Will you delete it or can I keep it in my f-list? oO

lol. I'm not sure about my old one. May get rid of it or not. :]

hallo ;]
mind to added me back ? ur oneshot awesome ! i wanna read it all
im meggy btw ^^

haha. my oneshots are open, but if you wanna add me that's ok. :]

hehe thanks for the add :)

i'm from your old f-list and i followed you here, hope that's okay :D

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it seems u made new acct...
i'm lily, 23 years old...
could u please add me...
i love ur stories...
n i hope ur kindness to approve me..

i just came across "Can't be Tamed" on detox & i'm in looooooove!
i'm another yunjae freak and i think ur writing is really awesome!
want to read more of u & i promise i always comment whenever i read any entry!
i'm sure i'll enjoy reading urs so hope u'll add me back <3

Of course! I love my fans. :]

add me ~
gosh .. your damn fics are addictive ..
gonna tell my mommy bout this
hehehe ..
add me back okay ??

I want to read your fics, pleaaaaase add me back !!!! ^^ thanks :)

hey hope you will add me back (:

adding you now :D

Um, I was following your fic "Casual Sex" and I have been anticipating an update...and then I saw that you got a new lj and it's friends only. :( Makes me sad cuz I was, for some reason, really getting into the drama of that story! lol

I say for some reason because I'm not exactly a fan of Jae/Siwon. Ugh, I know other people are...actually, quite a few ppl tend to pair Jae up with him as like a side pairing or something in Yunjae fics, but I don't really see Siwon's appeal. *avoids rocks from Siwon fans*

Anywho, I really enjoyed reading that and have been wondering how it turned out or is coming along, if you haven't finished it. I actually ended up reading all of your other stuff once I got here. lol

Add please? *attempts to pout cutely*

Of course I'll add you!

I'm working on 'Casual Sex' still and I recently just began a new series. It follows the FF series. :]

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I love Kpop. Not much into Jpop, but I love Final Fantasy!
I also ship a yaoi couple from DBSK called YunJae <3333

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:D hello! i hope u add me bakk!

hey...i've added u already...but seems I didn;t knw the rules...sorry...
Here I am...comment on ur page...and hope I could be a good reader ^^ means comments when I read it...
thx ^^
add me back hun ^^

Ha. Thanks for commenting, bb~ :]

i always love yunjae and i want to try reading your fic.. but before that i wanna add u first.. can i??

from ur old f-list... can i add u here too ;)

ur quite popular in the yunjae fandom~
mind me adding u?

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I found your one-shots on Jaeho complex and I really like your writing style. Your one-shots are very interesting. If you don't mind I would like to be friends, please.

Hope you'll add me back.


This ain't the first time I found your LJ serendipitously. And I gotta say it's attractive :D
Anyways, your fics are very interesting and I love how you write ♥
Hope you'll add me back, and since strangers are a no no....
HI I'm MISYEL! Obsessed with DBSG & Loveeeees BB/SJ/SS501.
Adding for the sole purpose of......I'll get back to you when I know.
Okay this is getting long. D:

Hi there!
Of course I'll add you! :]

I'm Jenna and obsessed with Big Bang, DBSK, Hyori and a lot others! haha


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