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Which phone should I get? ^.^
[Tao- Creme]
Samsung galaxy S 3 or iPhone 5?

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jenna, you should totally get the iPhone 5!

i would suggest galaxy note 2. xD

but between the 2, i'd go for s3 just because im a lazy ass and it would do things for me.

I have the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and I freaking love it. =]

Found you on another friend's post and thought I'd chime in here since I just got the Galaxy S. Did you already get a phone?

Personally, I love the Galaxy. iPhones are good too, but they aren't as customizable to the user as the galaxy is. The display is gorgeous and the phone itself is very light. I also love that in order to add things, you don't need specific programs like you do with the iPhone/itunes. You can simply drag and drop things in to the phone via USB.

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